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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tips to Make Your Mornings Smoother

What happened to June & July?  August is here and the kids have already started back to school.  I'm sure your mornings are completely hectic and almost impossible to get out the door. 
Whether you fear the alarm clock or not, these time-savers will simplify your mornings and give your day a smoother start.
Prepare and Pre-Pack
Make pre-packing easier by creating inboxes and outboxes for each person. Have each person unload their backpack (or your purse or work bag), and keep important papers and must-haves for next day's use.  Also unpack lunchboxes for fresh food the next morning!
Plan Your Outfit
Prearrange your clothes, steam anything that needs it. When possible, buy wrinkle-free. O Creative Director Adam Glassman says, "Go for low-maintenance fabrics: stain-resistant, wrinkle-free pieces that emerge from the washer and dryer looking polished. And develop a stylish, authoritative uniform: a well-fitting top and pants or trouser-style jeans."  Make sure the kiddos are wrinkle free too!
Move Your Alarm Clock Away From Your Bed
Instead of having your phone or other alarm clock right next to your bed, place it somewhere that requires you to get up in order to shut it off. You still might hit the snooze button and run back into bed, but once you’re actually out of bed, there’s a better chance that you’ll stay out. And once you realize how much more time you have when you get up earlier, you might find that mornings are actually enjoyable. Plus, I don’t think we should be sleeping with our cell phones near us anyway – I think it’s best to stay away from that radiation whenever possible! 
Time Yourself
Ready...set...shower! If you tend to linger too long when you check email, eat breakfast or any consistent daily task, It might be best to set a timer to keep yourself on track.
Keep the Peace
Tempers can flare when children are still half asleep. Prevent sibling spats by making sure your house rules cover things like sharing clothes, bathroom etiquette and sharing front-seat privileges on the way to school. 
Do you have any tips to making mornings smoother? Please share!!

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