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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's SPRING! Time to Clean that Closet!

Hooray!  It’s SPRING!   I think we can all agree that this has been a rough winter and are extremely excited to put away the ski suits and snow boots.  If your closet was looking anything mine it’s looking a bit of a hot mess.  Boots scattered all over the shelves and floor accompanying gloves, scarves and pajama pants.  It’s reminding me of my bedroom when I was in high school.  YIKES. 

I’m here for your motivation!  Take a couple hours out of this weekend to declutter your closet and make it fabulous again!   First step is to look at each piece and ask yourself these questions.  Does it fit?  Does it flatter you? Is it in fashion?  Have you worn it lately?  Do you feel good in it?   Follow the chart below because it helped me open my eyes to what needed to be donated and trashed!

After you’ve reluctantly pulled out the clothes, shoes and accessories that you won’t put on anymore, make sure you bag them up and take to your nearest donation store.  Your trash is their treasure!  After pulling out the donations, I put shirts together, pants together and then separated by color.  I cannot express how much easier it is having the colors separated!

Very little room to work with? Replace your hangers with slimline ones designed so you can fit more on your hanging bar – plus, they’re covered in a velvet material that will keep even the skinniest spaghetti strap from slipping.

Shelving is a must!  Closet shelves can be great for stacking folded items. To keep your piles neat and upright, try using shelf dividers.

How’s the jewelry situation?  Use the inside of your closet door to display your collection. Hang a simple bulletin board and use tacks as pegs for your necklaces and bracelets for a tangle-free solution.  There are a million ideas on Pinterest.   Make sure you have your Jiffy Steamer nearby to steam those wrinkles away before slipping on your Spring & Summer fashions!  Just do it!   There's your motivation.   We hope it works.





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