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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Household Chores

Even though we dread it every year, there are some special duties that need to be done each season. We ignore them for most of the fall and winter, but when spring comes around it's time to get to work and bring things back to life!  Even though some of these chores only need to be done once or twice a year, they will help your home run look better and run smoothly. These chores can be a bit daunting but once you get started you will be glad you did!

Storing out of season clothing 

When warmer spring weather arrives, it's time to pack away sweaters, coats, and other cold weather clothing.  Making sure that the storage containers and areas follow the rules of clean, cool, dark, and dry will keep clothing in good shape for next winter.

Check Appliances

 Each spring take the time to inspect your major appliances for wear and tear. The coils of the refrigerator sould be vacuumed, and the drain pan should be cleaned out. Lint needs to be cleaned from the dryer vents.  Clean dishwashers, disposals, oven, refrigerator and washing machines. Your heating and cooling units need maintenance and your Jiffy Steamer should be cleaned as well.

 Cleaning Windows

Bring your Jiffy Steamer outside and use it on the windows! It will break up dirt & grime in no time. Just use a microfiber towel on the windows after you steam.


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