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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

College Must-Haves!

If you’ve got kids heading to college this fall, you’re probably knee-deep in lists of what they need. The bottom line is, they need a lot. Mainly you want them to look good when they head off to class, so they need a steamer to keep those clothes looking great!

1. An Esteam Travel Steamer will be one of the best gifts you can give your student for a fresh start to the school year!  It's easy to store and heats up in no time!
2.  Underbed storage is a necessity.  Living in such cramped quarters can be difficult especially if you have stuff lying around everywhere!

3. Make your new dorm bed as comfy as home by bringing along a mattress pad. This extra bit of cushion will ensure you hours of quality sleep. Just be sure you have an alarm clock handy; you may not want to get out of bed!

4. Having a mini-fridge in your room can be a great thing! Forget late night trips to the vending machine for a cold drink, having breakfast in bed (milk for cereal), and being able to keep fresh fruit or veggies on hand for snacks.

5. A Pop-up Foldable Hamper is a staple for any student going off to college. This space saving laundry hamper folds down to the size of a plate when not is use and pops up to a full sized mesh laundry basket when you're ready to fill it up. Keep this residence hall laundry room. 


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