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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JIffy Steamer Accessories

Ahhhhhh..... The freshness of spring!  You've been working hard to get your spring clothes out of storage.
You have them nicely steamed with your Jiffy Steamer but did you also know that we have terrific Jiffy scented steam spray that can freshen those stored clothes without having to launder them?  Who wants to waste time and money on laundering clothes that are already clean?!  Just use our fragrant steam spray!

You can choose from 3 terrific scents.
Jiffy® Tickled Pink Steam Spray
This pretty pink scent captures the essence of a perfect light and airy summer day.
Jiffy® Lavender Steam Spray
The regal purple fragrance captures that classic smell without being too heavy.
Jiffy® Ocean Breeze Steam Spray
The minty colored spray captures the essence of a perfect day by the sea in a bottle.

To use, simply mist your garments or fabrics with Jiffy® Steam Spray prior to steaming, then steam as normal. The fragrant smell will be released as the wrinkles are removed quickly, easily and safely. Your clothing and linens will remain fresh all day! Preserved with the gentlest ingredients available, Jiffy® Steam Spray will not stain your fine clothing or linens. Packaged in an easy to dispense 12 ounce trigger spray bottle. Economical refill bottles are also available.

And what is the best part about our Jiffy® Steam Spray  and Accessories right now?

A 10% Discount!! 

Just order any accessory or part online at and be sure to enter the promo code "SAVE10" and click the "APPLY" button to see the immediate savings!


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