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Friday, January 6, 2012

A testimonial from a SteamBlade Customer in Alabama:

I own a sign company and have worked in the sign industry for over 30 years.  I just purchased your Jiffy SteamBlade because I heard that it worked good to remove old vinyl lettering and complete vehicle wraps.
I have a large box truck in my lot that I have to install a new graphic wrap on the box. But first I have to remove, not one wrap, but two old wraps that were installed on the truck many years ago.  One was installed on top of the other.
I happened to have one of your little travel steamers (belongs to my mother) and tried it for removing a small portion of the wrap.
I was amazed at how effective it was and immediately ordered your J-4000 and had it one-day shipped.
I cannot get over how well it works for removing vehicle wraps.  Understand, this is a dreaded job that no one likes doing. These wraps were not designed to come off easy and when they are six or seven years old, it can be a nightmare.
Your J-4000 makes real easy work of the job of removing old vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering.
This box truck has an outer wrap made with 3M wrap vinyl and a much older bottom layer made with a cheap generic vinyl that, if it were not for my new J-4000, would be practically impossible to remove.
In my 30 years in the sign business, I have never seen anything near as effective in removing old vinyl as this J-4000.  I believe you might have a large untapped market available to you.  I found out about your product through "Linked In", a social media, so some sign companies are already using it for vinyl and vehicle wrap removal.
At any rate, it's obvious I am very impressed with my new J-4000 SteamBlade
-          Bob Younque | Shabob Signs | New Market, AL


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