Jiffy Steamer

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The J-2000 or J-4000 (as seen above) can
make the table linens wrinkle-free, whether you
are serving 2 or 2,000 guests.

Well, you have tablecloths that have been in the closet for days, weeks, months or even years and you take the linens out for the special dinner party and for goodness sake, look at the wrinkles!  They are terrible, so many, too many to count.  What to do about these wrinkles before the tablecloths need to be placed on the table, before the guests arrive?  You could see about ironing those wrinkles away, but by the time you get the tablecloth around the ironing board, you will as many wrinkles in the tablecloths as before.  You could send out to the dry cleaners, but that could take too much time and as you already know this could be very expensive.  Steaming is the best and most effective alternative.   The Jiffy Steamer will offer a continuous soft flow of steam that will allow you to steam the wrinkles away in no time and so easily. 

To steam a tablecloth in your home, hang the table over a shower rod or pole in your home (some may even use a drapery rod or clothing rod in a closet-removing the clothing first) and secure with clothes pins. Steam from top to bottom, slowly, allowing the steam to penetrate the fabric.  You may want to steam the fabric from the backside allow the wrinkles to fade away like magic. Use one hand to secure the tablecloth and to guide the steamhead along the fabric, being careful not to burn your hand. Remove the clothespins and steam over those areas where the clamping may have caused more wrinkles. Once you have the tablecloth on the table, you may wish to steam the draped portion of the tablecloth, removing the remaining wrinkles. 

The eyesore of a wrinkled tablecloth or seat cover can make or break a dinner party, so don’t let this easy fix ruin your party.  Let the Jiffy Steamer save your time and make your party a success. 

Made in the USA
As the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of garment steamers and steamer equipment for personal and professional use, Jiffy® Steamer manufactures over 16 fabric steamers and clothes steamer models including the popular Esteam®, with only the finest industrial and professional components available. Jiffy® Steamer customers throughout the world enjoy the ease of use when steaming clothes or fabric in their home or business, simplicity of the process and the omission of the ironing board. Breast Cancer Awarness Line of Jiffy Steamer Products