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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jiffy Steamer Company Announces Standard 3-Year Warranty

Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC is proud to be an American company and we are proud to provide American made products.  There are many advantages of buying American made products as detailed in our previous blog from October 25. 

One great advantage of purchasing American made products is the subsequent service after the sale.   As the global leader of steaming equipment since 1940, we feel that our warranty should properly stand behind every product we craft. The Jiffy® Steamer is precision built, tested and inspected before leaving our factory located in Union City, Tennessee. Starting September 16, 2011 Jiffy Steamer announced that Jiffy® steamers come with a 3-year warranty! While a 6 month or 1 year warranty is the standard on the market, Jiffy Steamer products come with this unheard of, exceptional Jiffy Steamer 3-year warranty.   This 3 year warranty covers manufacturing defects and defective parts for 3 full years from your date of purchase made on or after September 16, 2011. If at any time you experience an issue with your Jiffy Steamer, you may contact us and speak with our repair technicians. Just have your steamer model number and serial number available and we can assist you!  

Need a replacement part for your steamer? Sometimes those unfortunate accidents happen… like when you loan out your great Jiffy Steamer and it comes back to you missing the water bottle! Never fear! You will always be able to order parts and have repair service available for your steamer. Jiffy Steamer replacement parts are readily available from Jiffy Steamer directly.  Were you to need a replacement part for your Jiffy Steamer, all you have to do is call to our toll free number, 1-800-525-4339, or visit the parts area of our web site to order online.  All parts are readily available!

Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC – An American Company offering American made products with exceptional service after the sale, including our Jiffy Steamer 3-year warranty!

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