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Monday, March 14, 2011

Why choose to steam versus ironing?

Do you hate to iron, but hate looking wrinkled all at the same time?  Steaming can save you the headache of both.  Using a Jiffy Steamer is a spectacular way of saving your time and making your clothes look great, thus you will look good too!  Steaming is faster than ironing and keeps fabrics in better condition.  Using the Jiffy Steamer is the way to make your wardrobe look its best, save your time and money.   Below are some tips for specific fabrics.

  1. Delicate Fabrics
When steaming delicate fabrics, such as silk or cashmere, be cautious touching the garment with the steam head.  Instead, hold it about half an inch to an inch away to steam.  Also, when steaming velvet or beaded garments, steam from the reverse side of the garment.  Never touch velvet directly with the steamhead.
  1. Basic Garments
Never steam on a flat surface, always steam vertically. By steaming in an upright position this allows the steam condensation to roll down the hose to create more steam and less spitting onto the garments. Hang garments on the rod set that extends up from the steamer. Pants may be easily steamed by hanging them by the cuff.  Touch the garment lightly with the steamhead and the wrinkles will vanish before your eyes.  The combination of the steam and the steam head is important to for a smooth finish.  Allow the steam to penetrate into the garment, this will make the wrinkles disapper.
  1. Heavy Fabrics

Steaming can save trips to the dry cleaners
and your time.

Heavy or hard-to-iron fabrics such as jackets, furniture slipcovers, tablecloths or curtains are an easier task with a Jiffy Steamer. Many find hanging these over a shower curtain rod and steaming both sides make the wrinkles fade away.  To steam dress pants and create a light crease you may wish to hang the pants by the cuffs and steam from the cuff to the waist.  Steam is the opposite of the iron, so a crisp, look and feel will not be created.  You may wish to use a small amount of starch prior to steaming for a lightly starched feel. 

So, save yourself time and money, Jiffy Steamer is the best garment steamer on the market and you will be pleased with your garments and the way you look! 


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