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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Save Money with a Jiffy Steamer

In 1996, a survey of Clothing Care National Habits and Practices
revealed that on average 29% of drycleaned clothes were sent
to the cleaners simply for wrinkle removal. Furthermore, it has been
discovered that ironing is the second-most loathed household chore
behind washing windows.
How can a Jiffy Steamer save you money?
How much do you spend monthly on drycleaning?  $100
On average 29% of all drycleaned clothes were sent to the
cleaners simply for wrinkle removal.                  
Potential monthly savings when using a Jiffy Steamer: $29.00
Potential annual savings when using a Jiffy Steamer: $348.00
Model J-2000 Steamer (Suggested Retail Price)     $189.00
Project Return on Investment stated in Months:          6.5
How can a Jiffy Steamer save you time? 
How many hours per month do you spend ironing?    5 
It has been found that Jiffy Steamer can remove wrinkles up to
5 times faster than ironing. With you spending 5 hours per month
on ironing, you could save 4 hours by using a Jiffy Steamer! 
This does not take into account the countless drop-off and pick-up stops
you stops you would have made at the local drycleaners. 
Use the cost saving calculator at: 


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