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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Clean your Jiffy Steamer?

You have received a Jiffy Steamer or have an older model.  You would like to maintain it or need to clean it for the first tme. The cleaning procedure below is recommended as a regular maintenance measure to help your steamer maintain its maximum steaming performance.  This maintenance should be performed on a basis of every 3–6 months depending on your water supply.  In most cases, a steamer that is severely clogged will require disassembly to properly clean and prolong the life span of the unit.  An authorized repair center or a Jiffy Steamer service technician best performs this disassembly.  The directions are below for each Jiffy Steamer Model, using the Jiffy Liquid Cleaner.

Jiffy Liquid Cleaner
can be purchased in a quantity of 3 bottles for $15.00,
plus shipping. 
Not available for EXPORT from the USA.

Pour 4 ounces of water in the ESTEAM.
Plug in the unit and bring to full steam.
Unplug the unit and allow to cool for 2 minutes, pour out all water.
 Pour in 5 ounces (1/2 bottle) of Jiffy® Steamer Liquid Cleaner, leave the cleaner in the unit for 2 hours.   DO NOT STEAM THE UNIT WITH THE LIQUID CLEANER.
Pour out Liquid Cleaner and flush with fresh water and rinse 2-3 times.

Unplug your steamer from the wall outlet. Remove hose attachment at the
brass coupling using a wrench and remove water bottle from unit. Pour out any
remaining water.
If the hose attachment is blocked by sediment build-up, flush your hose
attachment by using a garden water hose.
Pour the entire bottle of cleaning solution into the water cup of your steamer.
This is the location on the steamer base where you normally place the water container. 
Allow the cleaning solution to remain in the unit for 2-3 hours.
Pour the cleaning solution out of the steamer. Do this by tilting the steamer
back and forth and pouring the solution out of the water cup area and the steam outlet.
 Rinse the unit thoroughly by flushing with fresh water 2-3 times.

Remove hose attachment from unit at the brass coupling using a wrench.
Pour out any  remaining water from your unit..
If the hose attachment is blocked by sediment build-up, flush your hose attachment
by using a garden water hose.
Fill your steamer with 1 gallon of water and add the entire ten (10) ounce bottle of
Jiffy® Steamer Liquid Cleaner. Turn the steamer to PREHEAT and allow water
 and solution to warm.
When the red pilot light turns off, indicating the end of the PREHEAT cycle,
turn the switch to OFF and unplug the steamer from the wall outlet. Allow the water
and cleaning solution to remain in the steamer for 2-3 hours.
Pour the cleaning solution out of the steamer. Do this tipping the steamer over
and pouring  the solution out of the brass fitting where your hose normally attaches.
Rinse the unit thoroughly by flushing with fresh water 2 to 3 times.

For any other questions, please contact our Repair Technicians, they will be more than happy to assist you.  They may be reached by calling 1-800-525-4339.   Remember, a well maintined Jiffy Steamer can last for years to come.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Steam Garments using A Jiffy Steamer?


So you have begged, pleaded, saved and finally gotten the long awaited Jiffy Steamer.  You will no longer have to iron your clothing, you can throw that stone-age appliance away and steam away your wrinkles with ease and comfort.  Yes, finally, you can look professional and have the assurance that you have removed the wrinkles yourself with your own Jiffy Steamer.  You have taken the steamer out of the box, you put it together, added water to it, turn it on, ok yes, that was easy enough.  But, now what do you do?  How to start?  Where to begin?  Relax, it can be a bit overwhelming, just as ironing was when you first started, you will learn to steam and will be able to steam like the pros in no time.
Steaming is easy and saving
time makes it all
First hang your garment on the rod set of the steamer, touch the fabric lightly with the steam head, beginning at the top of the garment, working your way down, from the top to the bottom of the garment.  Many find it helpful to steam from the underside of a shirt, blouse or sweater.  This allows the warm, moist steam to penetrate and relax the wrinkles from the material.  When steaming a dress shirt, you may hold the sleeve out to the side and steam from the shoulder to the wrist.  Pants may be easily steamed by hanging from the waist of by the cuff with a clip hanger and steam from the waist to the cuff or cuff to the waist.  This will create a light crease in the pants. Remember the Jiffy Steamer will not create the crisp look and  feel of a iron; the steamer relaxes the fibers, causing the wrinkles to disappear, while the iron crushes the wrinkles out, damaging the fibers in the fabric. Always steam with the hose in an upright position, so any condensation is free to flow back down the hose to create more steam. 
In no time, you will become a steaming expert and be able to save your time and energy with your wardrobe.  You will see the Jiffy Steamer, not only saves your time but your money too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Which Jiffy Steamer to Give for Gift?

We all have that special family sister, brother, daughter, son or best friend that we cherish.  There is nothing we would not do for one another, they are the first person we call or text when something exciting or sad happens in our lives, and same goesfor them.  The relationship is precious, almost like a telephone or gift card commercial.  You know each other so well, you know secrets about each that no one else knows, secrets that we will take with us to the grave.  But regardless of how well we know this special person, the eternal question arises every year, about this time of year…..”What to give them?  Sigh….”   They usually have everything they need or want.  Or if they need it or want it, they go get it themselves.  This year give them a wrinkle free 2011.  Give them an easier wardrobe everyday.  They will thank you everyday, because it will make their daily life much easier.  And don’t forget the stocking stuffers!  The Jiffy Accessories, make great stocking stuffers!  You can shop with us, let us know it is a gift and we can include a gift card and receipt and ship directly to them. Your shopping is done in less than ten minutes from the comfort of your home or your desk. 
  The Jiffy ESTEAM makes a wonderful gift for those who travel, for the college student or for those who have little space.  The ESTEAM incorporates many of the same internal electrical mechanics used in our commercial grade steamers making it the finest hand-held steamer on the market.  Many say this is the gem in their wardrobe, so why not give this gem to your  favorite friend or family member? 

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 makes a great gift for anyone, including yourself.

The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 models offer the power to remove wrinkles quickly, easily and effectively, reducing the need to iron.  Garment steamers breathe new life into fabrics. Many garment steamer users have found that steaming is up to five times faster than conventional ironing.  Our residential steamers make fabulous gifts for everyone... even yourself! 

We also offer a variety of original Jiffy Steamer Accessories that would enable you to use and enjoy your steamer even more. Jiffy Steam Spray infuses a delightful scent into your clothes and fabrics leaving them fresh and clean.  There are a variety of fragrances to choose from Tickled Pink, Ocean Breeze, and Lavender. The Jiffy Lint Roller is ideal for lint removal in the office, travel or home. Our Professional Garment Hanger is created to assist holding the garment while steaming and will eliminate any unsightly hanger marks.  There are a number of other accessories available that could certainly make this a great holiday season for someone special. 

And don't forget to stuff those stockings, with these Jiffy Accessories.

Jiffy Steam Spray, Ocean Breeze,
Tickled Pink and Lavender....great for
stocking stuffers!

Jiffy Garment Hanger makes a great accessory with
the Esteam or J-2000.


Keep your clothing and upholstery looking their
best with this handy brush.

As you can see Jiffy Steamer has many choices to make your life easy this time of year for that "hard to buy for" person or for that special someone or for yourself.  You can even use the word HOLIDAY as a promo code and receive a 15% discount on your order of any steamer or accessory purchase.  We encourage you to show your love and appreciation to your friends by giving them a Jiffy Steamer.

Made in the USA
As the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of garment steamers and steamer equipment for personal and professional use, Jiffy® Steamer manufactures over 16 fabric steamers and clothes steamer models including the popular Esteam®, with only the finest industrial and professional components available. Jiffy® Steamer customers throughout the world enjoy the ease of use when steaming clothes or fabric in their home or business, simplicity of the process and the omission of the ironing board. Breast Cancer Awarness Line of Jiffy Steamer Products