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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bed Bug Epidemic

A hot topic in the news lately has been the bed bug epidemic.  It has become an even bigger topic for us here at Jiffy Steamer as we have several employees with college age kids.  Fortunately, we here at Jiffy Steamer know that steam is a safe and effective method for relief of any bed bug problem.  Steam is a contact killer meaning that it will kill the bugs and destroy any eggs that have not yet hatched.  A wide steam head is very useful when steaming for bed bugs or dust mites.  Jiffy Steamer has a line of Interchangeable head steamers that would be great for this type of steaming as it would still provide other useful steam heads for garment steaming and cleaning.

This is the interchangeable head kit and hose attachment which is available for use on any J-series Jiffy steamer and is also available for purchase complete with the steamer base unit by visiting our web site at   Notice the really wide steam head....this is the type of head that would be use for bed bug control.  You can find more useful information concerning bed bug control from the following online publications.

■When it comes to eliminating bed bugs with steam, the article “Killing Them Softly” provides essential tips. (Most important: use the larger head on the steamer nozzle; Dr. Potter et. al. note that the smaller heads can simply spread live bed bugs around–very bad news.)

■More technical tips on how to use steam to kill bed bugs from Stephen Doggett’s Bed Bug Code of Practice, 3rd Ed. The relevant section is on pages 34-36.

■Forum discussions tagged as “steam” and “steamers” may also be useful for fellow Bedbuggers’ experiences with steam as well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jiffy Steamer Introduces Blog for Customers

We, at Jiffy Steamer are interested in discussing the ideas that mean the most to you, the customers and users of the Jiffy Steamers. We are now offering informative blogs for you. You may also be seeing us on Facebook, Twitter and also in your daily emails. Yes, we send emails to customers with tips on steaming, maintenance and even discounts. Please join us on Facebook and Twitter and send a request to to join the mailing list. Many of you have used the Jiffy Steamer for years, or your family has used the steamers for years, tell us your story or tell us how to make Jiffy Steamers better. We strive to improve on a daily basis. Please email us your stories about Jiffy; your tips or your uses that we may not have heard of and so we can share your ideas with other Jiffy Steamer customers. Without you, our valued customers, our dependable product of 70 years strong, made in the USA, would not be what it is today.  We appreciate every customer and hope to meet your steaming needs.

Jiffy Steamer Company....A Safe American Workplace for Americans to Work

Jiffy SteamerCompany, 70-year old company, right here in the US, received the annual SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) Award.  This prestigious award was presented last spring in Nashville by James Neeley, the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development. “Jiffy Steamer has the remarkable distinction of being in business since 1940,” said Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley. “We are pleased to honor this fine company for their notable safety record.” Jiffy Steamer Company is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of garment steamers for personal and professional use.
Commissioner James Neeley, Billy Williams, Jiffy Steamer Safety Mananger,
Clint Joiner, Jiffy Steamer Company Chief Operating Officer

"Jiffy Steamer is proud to accept this safety award from Commissioner Neeley and the State of Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development,” said Clint Joiner, Chief Operating Officer for Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC. “As a family-owned company, we have a strong commitment to provide a safe working environment for our associates. We thank the department for recognizing our unwavering pledge to workplace safety.”

“As an employee, it is nice to work for a company that places a top priority on safety and a company where continuous improvement is always encouraged,” said Billy Williams, Jr., Safety Manager for Jiffy Steamer.

Clint Joiner, Jiffy Steamer Chief Operating Officer,
Cindy Bateman-Brewer, TOSHA-Occupational Safety Specialist,

Kelly Parks, TOSHA-Occupational Safety Specialist, and
Billy Williams, Jiffy Steamer Safety Manager

Made in the USA
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