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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Steam Garments using A Jiffy Steamer?


So you have begged, pleaded, saved and finally gotten the long awaited Jiffy Steamer.  You will no longer have to iron your clothing, you can throw that stone-age appliance away and steam away your wrinkles with ease and comfort.  Yes, finally, you can look professional and have the assurance that you have removed the wrinkles yourself with your own Jiffy Steamer.  You have taken the steamer out of the box, you put it together, added water to it, turn it on, ok yes, that was easy enough.  But, now what do you do?  How to start?  Where to begin?  Relax, it can be a bit overwhelming, just as ironing was when you first started, you will learn to steam and will be able to steam like the pros in no time.
Steaming is easy and saving
time makes it all
First hang your garment on the rod set of the steamer, touch the fabric lightly with the steam head, beginning at the top of the garment, working your way down, from the top to the bottom of the garment.  Many find it helpful to steam from the underside of a shirt, blouse or sweater.  This allows the warm, moist steam to penetrate and relax the wrinkles from the material.  When steaming a dress shirt, you may hold the sleeve out to the side and steam from the shoulder to the wrist.  Pants may be easily steamed by hanging from the waist of by the cuff with a clip hanger and steam from the waist to the cuff or cuff to the waist.  This will create a light crease in the pants. Remember the Jiffy Steamer will not create the crisp look and  feel of a iron; the steamer relaxes the fibers, causing the wrinkles to disappear, while the iron crushes the wrinkles out, damaging the fibers in the fabric. Always steam with the hose in an upright position, so any condensation is free to flow back down the hose to create more steam. 
In no time, you will become a steaming expert and be able to save your time and energy with your wardrobe.  You will see the Jiffy Steamer, not only saves your time but your money too.


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