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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Window Tint Removal and Bumper Sticker Removal

     Oh Fall... when thoughts of newly released cars enter our heads. If only we could make our old car look better so we could get a better trade-in! One of the ways to make your car more appealing to a prospective buyer is to remove that nasty looking, baked-on window tint. And while grandma might be proud that little Joe is a STAR student at WhatChaCallIt Elementary, a possible buyer of your car might not be so impressed by this bumper sticker. Likewise, let's just say that you have purchased a pre-owned motorcycyle... you know, one of those fast looking ones. Did you know you can change alot of the graphics and give that bike a whole new look?  No expensive painting required!  You can easily remove old window tint and film along with those bumper stickers and decals by using a Jiffy Steamer.  This process is fairly simple and very effective.

Things you'll need:
  • Jiffy Steamer
  • Bottle of ammonia or window cleaner in a plastic spray bottle
  • Rags or heavy-duty paper towels
  • Tweezers or needle-nose pliers

  1. Let the car sit in the sun for a few hours to heat those windows up before starting this project. Roll down the side windows when you start so steam does not build up inside the car.
  2. Start with one of the small side windows in the back seat until you feel comfortable with the task. Start with one corner of the window film tint.
  3. Hold the steamer about 1 inch away from the corner and steam the area for several minutes to loosen the adhesive that glues the tint to the window.  Be careful to not steam your hand.  You may want to use some sort of protective mitt. Use the tweezers or pliers to peel back the corner of the film, pulling gently as you continue to apply steam to the larger area of film.  Contuinue slowly waving the steam over the film, pulling gently and slowly so that the entire films peels off in one piece.
  4. Repeat this process for all windows.
  5. Spray the ammonia on the stripped windows.  Wipe with rags or paper towels to remove the residual glue left behind from the film.

You can use any type of Jiffy Steamer to remove window tint however if you have a big job the most effective hose attachment is the "W" style hose.  This particular style hose attachment allows you to direct steam at specific points in a more concentrated flow of steam.  If you already own a Jiffy Steamer, you need only to have this hose attachment.  If you are looking to purchase a multi-use Jiffy Steamer, this type of head is also available on the Jiffy Steamer Interchangeable or "I" models of the Jiffy Steamer.  Either way, you'll come out looking like a pro.


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