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Friday, February 13, 2015

Steaming vs Ironing

Ironing- The act or process of pressing clothes with a heated iron.

Most people like their money right where they can see it, in the closet. In order to preserve these garments we care for so much, why is it that we choose to force them under an extremely hot iron? Crushing the fibers in which they are made of; burning the characteristics of each strand that enable us to look like a fashionista. Let’s choose a different method for this madness and choose steaming our garments rather than iron them. It is the safest, most gentle method for removing wrinkles.

To help prove this point we have taken two identical 6" x 6" squares of black wool were purchased from a local fabric store. We steamed sample "A" for 1 minute with a Model J-2000 Jiffy ® Steamer. Sample "B" was ironed for 1 minute, on the proper heat setting, with a top-of-the-line residential iron. We then bagged, labeled, and submitted both samples to MVA Scientific Consultants in Norcross, Georgia for detailed magnification. The Scanned Electron Microscope (SEM) images show any damage that may have occurred.

Sample A-Steamed 500x              

Sample A-Steamed 1000x

Sample B-Ironed 500x  

Sample B- Ironed 1000x

The fibers in sample "A" are in near perfect condition due to the gentle nature of steam. However, the fibers in sample "B" are clearly distorted. You can easily recognize the damaged fibers caused by just one application of the iron's hot sole plate.

Unlike ironing, steam actually relaxes the fibers rather than crushing them.
Now that you have a closer look into garment care, use what the professionals use…

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jiffy Steamer is now on Instagram!

It is important to us to engage our community utilizing 21st century tools.
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We also have the ever addictive Pinterest page and will now add Instagram to that list - #jiffysteamer.  
These social media platforms provide us the opportunity to interact with our customers!   We want to know more about how you use steam in your life!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The History of Jiffy Steamer Company

This company’s story starts with the son of a sharecropper that hitched a ride on a freight train from Tennessee to Chicago as a 14 year old seeking employment.  This type of determination would go a long ways in the founder’s life as he applied his willpower to care for his family.  In 1940, John Bailey Simrell and his brother-in-law toiled over a way to create enough steam to commercially shape and block hats quickly and easily.  The birth of the Jiffy Model J-1 resulted from those efforts as well as dozens of models to follow over the decades.  When Mr. John added a hose and steam head attachment, the product morphed into a fabric steamer that removed wrinkles from clothing, draperies and other materials. 
John Bailey Simrell
 More 7 decades later and many product developments, Jiffy Steamer Company is a worldwide leader in portable steaming equipment.  World-renowned in more than 50 foreign markets and backed by over 1,000 dealers in the United States alone, the dozens of Jiffy® Steamer models can be found almost everywhere-from the commercial garment trade, to residential markets, in the pages of high-end mail order catalogs, and in various specialty industries.  Our product line also includes the following:

SteamBlade - The SteamBlade is an innovative product designed to simplify the removal of window film, vinyl wrap and lettering. With the swipe of the SteamBlade, the warm, moist steam quickly and safely unbinds the glue from the window, simplifying this once tedious task. The SteamBlade will allow you to remove window film, vinyl wrap or lettering in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. Put down the razor and reach for the Steam.

X-Series - With the fast, effective power of pure steam, the Jiffy® Steamer X-Series steamer easily kills dust mites and bed bugs on contact without the use of a single chemical or fumigation product. Best of all, it’s safe for your family and the environment.

SteamBreaker - The SteamBreaker is an innovative product that safely breaks in leather and exotic skin footwear, quickly creating a custom fit for your feet. Say goodbye to the pain of breaking in a new pair of footwear—and let the power of steam do the work for you!

Flexineb - Flexineb™ equine nebulization device represents a huge innovative step in administrating care to the lower and upper respiratory tract of the horse via inhalation methods.

HAYGAIN – HAYGAIN is the revolutionary hay steamer that transforms hay into a dust-free, palatable forage improving your horse's health, respiratory performance and overall well-being.

GloveFlex - An average fielder’s glove requires approximately 1,500 pitches to be considered broken in and a catcher’s mitt needs around 2,500. For $25 to $35, the number of hours shaping and forming your glove will be drastically reduced using our GloveFlex process. Your glove will be returned to you softer, more flexible and ready to play ball.

Even though Jiffy® Steamer’s products can be found around the world, the company stands firm in its promise to remain American-made. Each of the company’s steamers is handcrafted in Union City, Tennessee and assembled with the finest, American-made components.  The company makes no compromise in the engineering and construction of its products.  After the intricate 52 step process to build the unit, every unit is steam tested before leaving the factory. Family values ring true with the Jiffy® Steamer brand and the company is actively managed and operated by family members. These guys know steam and continue to produce the finest steamers on the planet. 

You may learn more about Jiffy Steamer by visiting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Host a Halloween Party!

Halloween is coming up next week and it’s so exciting to see the kids’ faces when the costumes are put on and decorations come out!   Once you're too old to trick-or-treat, it could feel like all the excitement has passed you by. But although you might spend the day with little ghosts and goblins, there will come a point when the little ghouls finally lapse into sugar comas. So while the kids sleep, why not host a Halloween party and let the adults come out to play?

Halloween is definitely not a holiday -- like Easter, perhaps, or Thanksgiving -- where you have to keep it elegant. Yes, some people might hold formal masquerade balls or elaborate costume parties, but we say the cheesier the better!

1.    First off, who wouldn’t come to a party where the invitation was a severed finger?

2.      Food is the most important aspect of any party. If you mess up everywhere else and have good food, people will enjoy themselves.

3.       Decorations

Whether you’re throwing the scariest party on the block or just celebrating the fun holiday, scare everyone into having a great time with frightening tombtones, skulls and ghosts displayed around the party room.  If you’re hosting a dinner party, set up the table with plates and napkins in orange and black colors that feature witches, jack-o’-lanterns and cobwebs. Halloween party supplies are cheap and many of them can be reused for years and years!

4.       Halloween Costumes & Makeup

There are so many great characters to portray on Halloween!  The costumes and make up can get VERY elaborate.  If you want your costume to stand out, put a little effort into it with special makeup!  You can find some phenomenal makeovers from Kandee Johnson. 

Once you have your costume, make sure it’s steamed and doesn’t look like you just pulled it out of the bottom of your closet!

5.      Haunted House Exterior

Don’t waste money on big blow-up Halloween decorations for your front yard. Instead use these clever ideas and your crafty skills to make one-of-kind decorations. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, and save a lot of money.  Use simple lights like in the photo below.  It’s very festive!  Have a safe & happy Halloween!


Monday, September 29, 2014

The Steamer Screamer

What makes you scream at your steamer? Could it be that your steamer works poorly or cycles ON and OFF while steaming? Or that green indicator light doesn’t illuminate when turned to the ON position? Well here are some tid- bits to hopefully keep your day steaming right along.

J-1, J-2, J-200, J-2000. When the steamer spits water from the steam head be sure to check and make sure it is not cracked or damaged. It could be that the unit has been overfilled or that the rod set is not fully assembled.

J-4000 Model.  When the steamer leaks water at the base of the unit, there may be a hole in the tank. The brass couple between the hose and unit may be loose. Or it could be that the silicone sealant around the tank assembly is leaking.

Esteam. When the red indicator light illuminates but the unit never heats or steams, it is possible that the unit has blown a fusible link wire or an element.

For more information on troubleshooting your steamer checkout our link below.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tips to Make Your Mornings Smoother

What happened to June & July?  August is here and the kids have already started back to school.  I'm sure your mornings are completely hectic and almost impossible to get out the door. 
Whether you fear the alarm clock or not, these time-savers will simplify your mornings and give your day a smoother start.
Prepare and Pre-Pack
Make pre-packing easier by creating inboxes and outboxes for each person. Have each person unload their backpack (or your purse or work bag), and keep important papers and must-haves for next day's use.  Also unpack lunchboxes for fresh food the next morning!
Plan Your Outfit
Prearrange your clothes, steam anything that needs it. When possible, buy wrinkle-free. O Creative Director Adam Glassman says, "Go for low-maintenance fabrics: stain-resistant, wrinkle-free pieces that emerge from the washer and dryer looking polished. And develop a stylish, authoritative uniform: a well-fitting top and pants or trouser-style jeans."  Make sure the kiddos are wrinkle free too!
Move Your Alarm Clock Away From Your Bed
Instead of having your phone or other alarm clock right next to your bed, place it somewhere that requires you to get up in order to shut it off. You still might hit the snooze button and run back into bed, but once you’re actually out of bed, there’s a better chance that you’ll stay out. And once you realize how much more time you have when you get up earlier, you might find that mornings are actually enjoyable. Plus, I don’t think we should be sleeping with our cell phones near us anyway – I think it’s best to stay away from that radiation whenever possible! 
Time Yourself
Ready...set...shower! If you tend to linger too long when you check email, eat breakfast or any consistent daily task, It might be best to set a timer to keep yourself on track.
Keep the Peace
Tempers can flare when children are still half asleep. Prevent sibling spats by making sure your house rules cover things like sharing clothes, bathroom etiquette and sharing front-seat privileges on the way to school. 
Do you have any tips to making mornings smoother? Please share!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are You Packing Too Much For Your Trip?

Going on a trip or long weekend getaway this summer?  Most of us pack ENTIRELY too much for a trip and each time we ask ourselves why.    We have a list of things that might actually help your packing process!
1. Start out by selecting everything you think you need for the trip and remove half of the items.

2. After the initial cut, lay out your clothing and determine how many travel outfits you can make. Have a private fashion show and play around with the clothing. You’ll find out that you can mix and match your clothing in more ways than you imagined avoiding the need for too many items in your bag or suit case.

3. Try to choose clothing that has multiple uses and can be worn in more than one setting.

4. Shoes: 3 pairs of travel shoes is usually a good quantity to pack for any trip. For vacation you might need a pair of flip flops, nice sandals, and heels while for a backpacking trip it would be recommended to switch out those heels for some trainers.

5. Don’t pack “just in case” items. If you need it, you can buy it there.  And you can always find a place to do laundry.
6. Avoid packing full size toiletries. If you absolutely cannot live without a certain brand, use reusable travel size containers for these items. Most hotels offer basic soap and shampoo, and if you’re a backpacker you can replenish travel size toiletries as you go along. You’ll be surprised how far you can stretch travel sized toiletries.

7. Avoid packing too many electronics by choosing one that can do it all. If you want internet access and an e-reader, choose a tablet like a Kindle Fire. If you want some internet access and music, use an iPhone or iPod. Better yet, make the most of your travels, and leave the electronics at home.

8.  The worst thing you can do is forget your Jiffy ESTEAM travel steamer.  That needs to be one of the first things to go in.  If you have wrinkled clothes, your trip just won’t be the same.  ;)

Happy Travels!





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